3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning

Laser scanning surveys are setting new standards for the way scanning work is done and are the most effective equipment for measured building surveys, floor plans, elevations, section and building information modelling or scan 2 BIM. . Here at Castle Surveys, we thoroughly embrace this ever-changing technology to assist us to deliver high quality and detailed drawings. Whether acquiring 3D geometry of civil infrastructure, generating an as-built survey of an industry development or producing 3D data for Building Information Modelling (BIM), Castle Surveys can help.

Utilising FARO Focus 3D Laser scanners & Leica P40 Laser Scanners, we are able to produce high density point cloud data very efficiently. Laser scanning assists us with speed, as the rapid collection of the data from the scanner measures up to a million points a second, billions of points a day whilst maintaining a high level of accuracy. Another huge benefit to 3D laser scanning is that the survey data can be recorded from ground level, eliminating health and safety concerns such as working at height and working in dangerous environments.

Once the 3D scan data has been captured and uploaded into FARO Scene, Leica Cyclone & Cloudworx, we can then publish this data through Leica TrueView to allow the client and stakeholders access to see the survey data through the online web browser. TrueView allows the user to zoom, pan, measure and annotate the point cloud over the web for future collaborations or discussion.

Typical Survey Applications For 3D Laser Scanning Are:

  • Measured Building Surveys – Floor Plans, Elevations, Sections, Internal Elevations
  • Right to Light Surveys
  • As-Built Surveys
  • 3D Point Clouds for the integration with Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Floor Deformation & Floor Slab Level Surveys
  • Heritage Surveys
  • Stock Pile & Quarry Surveys & Volumetric Calculations
  • Mines & Tunnel Surveys
  • Roof Plans & Surveys