Drone Surveys

Drone Surveys

Verified Views

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Drone surveys and inspection

With the ability to reach even the most inaccessible, hazardous or large-scale sites, Castle Surveys UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) teams use the latest drone technology to provide a wide range of highly accurate geospatial survey data and high-resolution imagery.

Our UAV data sets are seamlessly integrated into existing workflows throughout the project lifecycle, with services ranging from condition surveys, building elevations and topographical surveys to 3D drone mapping, Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Drone Surveys are quickly becoming a popular and an optional choice for land development, architects, construction sites, quarries, and mining facilities and so much more. Being able to gain visual vantage points that are simply not possible any other way, aerial survey drones can capture in crystal clear quality points of interest, conduct 3D modelling scans, and create topographical surveys at ease. Coupled with our cloud-based software, we can process and analyse thousands of photo files to create accurate survey reports that can easily be passed to architects, engineers and more for use in their specific fields.

Our Drone Surveying Services:

Aerial Topographical Land Surveys

We utilise 2D orthomosaics to create high resolution maps of land for our clients, mapping out areas for future construction projects or to assess changes in the landscape.

Solar Panel Drone Surveys

Ensure that your solar panels are working properly and easily inspect any damage or wear and tear. We also work with solar companies to scope an area before installations.

Drone Roof Inspections

Perfect for any type of construction project requiring roof access, we can survey the area before work begins and also once work has completed.

Volumetric Surveys

RTK Drones aligned with Ground Control Points give highly accurate measurement results from the air. With Progress Surveys we can accurately measure the volume of aggregate stockpile workflows and movement. UAVs are able to take topographical surveys in a fraction of the time than has been previously possible, giving you, the client greater control over your assets.

Power Line Drone Surveys

Vital for safety, power line drone surveys are now standard in the UK to make sure that everything is in safe working order.

Wind Turbine Aerial Surveys

With more and more wind turbines being raised every year, inspections to make sure that everything is in safe working order are vital.

Construction Site Drone Surveys & Progress Photography

Building site surveys are important at each and every stage of the construction process. In the pre-construction stage, they are vital for gathering the information that informs the benefits and drawbacks of a particular site. During the construction process they can be used to measure progress and can also massively help in the resolution of disputes.

Landfill & Quarry Drone Surveys

We provide high quality drone solutions for waste management sites which allows our clients to quickly map out the best location for incoming materials.