Retail, Commercial & Facilities Management

Retail, Commercial & Facilities Management

To ensure a commercial or retail property or facility meets building standards and safety regulations, we provide a team of highly professional and dedicated survey specialists to meet all of our clients’ requirements.

Site surveys can measure a number of things, from the satisfaction provided by facilities management services and improvements needed in infrastructure, to site plans for fire safety, impacts on local ecology, and the identification of existing services and utilities. By providing our comprehensive surveying services and solutions, we are helping to improve our clients’ relationships between their service providers, customers, and vendors.

Using the latest 3D laser scanning technologies, BIM (Building Information Modelling), and more, we can navigate and service any chosen facility on any given landscape.

Precise surveys for retail and facilities management

At Castle Surveys we understand the necessity for such surveys in order to regulate and streamline facilities management, plan the build for a new commercial or retail site, or simply rejuvenate existing infrastructure.

Our dedicated and professional team ensure we take care of our client’s every need, offering an array of services from a range of fields in survey expertise and engineering. We help our clients provide excellent services that not only help to avoid any potential pitfalls, but also provide them with economical and viable solutions.

Fire escape and fire zoning plans

Essential for meeting the safety regulations of any commercial building project, the fire escape and fire zoning plans we produce and provide are clear, concise, and precise.

We conduct measured surveys that establish plans which provide accurate details, from clear escape routes, locations for firefighting equipment (as well as type and essential information in reference to use), and fire escapes, to emergency lighting, smoke and heat detector locations, and manual call points.

Castle Surveys’ team of dedicated professionals have an enormous amount of experience in this area and can create plans that allow emergency services to act quickly and locate a fire anywhere in our clients’ buildings and facilities.

Combining our survey solutions to collaborate with clients

At Castle Surveys we offer a full range of professional services from a dedicated team of experts. Our underground utility surveys, which can also be overlaid onto our land surveys, give our clients a full overview of their projects. In addition, we provide partial underground services surveys, gathering and sourcing recorded information in relation to existing pipes, services, and cables which our clients can then have overlaid.

If you would like more information regarding our retail, commercial, and facilities management services, or any of the solutions we provide, please visit our services page.