Construction & Civil Engineering

Construction & Civil Engineering

From commercial property companies and major national house builders to government departments and local authorities – we deliver precision services and surveying solutions in measurement, investigation, and modelling for the construction and civil engineering industries.

Castle Surveys Ltd works hand-in-hand with all stakeholders to proactively deliver a truly fully-integrated approach to construction projects. Our eccentric client base return to us time and time again, secure in the knowledge that our surveys and professional services we provide are second to none.

We have a wealth of experience within the construction and civil engineering sectors. Castle Surveys delivers qualified expertise in site engineering services and construction setting out projects. This allows us to see our clients’ projects through from the planning and land surveys, to getting their sites off the ground and completing construction.

Knowledge and expertise in setting out projects

Our clients have diverse needs and their construction projects have thrived off the enormous amount of knowledge and expertise possessed by our site setting out engineers. From single plot self builds to working with housing developers or local authorities on multiple plot developments, we take care of our clients’ site setting out drawings, land and measured surveys, and more.

Castle Surveys clients send us their construction setting out drawings so our site setting out engineers can use their expertise to take care of the rest. They provide us with the location and coordinates of what needs to be set out and, using the latest technology and our proficiency, we provide our clients with precise and exacting site setting services to keep your project moving and on budget.

Using state-of-the-art intelligent geomatics equipment & technology, as well as the latest in Leica robotic solutions and GPS equipment, we are fully equipped to expertly and precisely survey and set out any site in any given location across the UK.

We offer our clients a total package, including our expert site setting out engineers, measured and topographical land surveys, site planning, and as-built survey solutions. We leave no stone unturned, ensuring our clients’ construction projects are completed with professionalism and precision, delivered by our dedicated and experienced team of qualified surveyors and engineers.

Our site engineering services consist of:

  • Foundation setting out
  • Face of brick/block
  • Pile locations and levels
  • Grid lines
  • Bolt box locations
  • Roads, channels, and highways
  • Manhole locations
  • Finished floor levels
  • Site survey control
  • Boundaries
  • Floor & concrete slabs
  • All external works
  • Solar panel location setting out
  • Wind turbine setting out and more…

From inception to creation – providing a dedicated and expert surveying service from start to finish

At Castle Surveys our range of services allows us to breed confidence in our clients’ expectations for a successful construction project. All our services and solutions are carried out to the highest standards and our internal quality assurance procedures – as well as our on-site expertise and experience – ensures we get it right first time, every time, saving our clients both time and money.

If you would like more information on the site setting out solutions or further clarification in regard to the land or measured surveys, among our other provisions, please visit our services page.