Architecture & Planning

Architecture & Planning

Castle Surveys supply surveying services to major UK & international architectural practices to work in conjunction with major national house builders, small local developers, and landowners. We are one of the leading measured surveying firms providing high-quality surveying solutions in and throughout the UK.

The purpose of measured surveys in architectural planning

We know the importance of being able to capture every structural and aesthetic feature of a property and site. At the planning stage of a project, it is imperative to ensure you have all the correct documentation and surveys in place. Once we have your site details and survey specification, we can take care of this for you and provide the surveying solutions tailored to you.

Architectural or measured surveys of a building allow developers, architects, and other professionals to produce calculations, plans, 3D models and reports identifying key elements of the project to ensure its success.

Our experts take care of both the external and internal features of properties and builds, as well as the topographical land surveying for potential sites. We use our expertise in land surveys, building surveys, BIM (Building Information modelling), and 3D laser scanning – to name a few of our services – so our clients have one point of contact for all applications throughout their construction project.

Experts in surveying building projects

We provide a truly comprehensive range of architectural and property surveying services. Our experienced and professional surveyors have contributed to projects reaching all over the UK, from residential properties to major industrial estates.

Collaborations with housing schemes in the Midlands – creating hundreds of units – and serving to help build bespoke, high-end dwellings from London and Manchester to Leicestershire and beyond – we want to continue to create outstanding experiences and successful projects in partnership with our clients.

Our team of dedicated experts has extensive experience in fields such as heritage and conservation. We regularly work on ecclesiastical and listed buildings as well as countless other sites deemed to be of architectural and historical significance.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and ability to provide ground-breaking and contemporary solutions to all our clients.

Building and topographical land survey services that save businesses time and money

We add a real value to building projects – one that is measurable by the range of services and solutions we provide our clients.

From the initial land surveys and building floor plans, to advanced 3D laser scanning, Building Information Modelling (BIM), 3D walk-throughs, and utility mapping services; we can professionally and expertly handle every aspect of your building project’s needs.

By offering such a diverse range of surveying solutions, we help our clients reduce costly delays, eliminate potential communication breakdowns (that can deeply impact a project’s success), and cut their overheads.

We provide all the disciplines available to the art and science of building surveyance from one knowledgeable, reliable, and highly reputable organisation. When our clients use a single firm like Castle Surveys, they are treated to the luxury of not having to visit numerous companies to get all the services they require.

The outcome, and what we ultimately want for our clients to experience, is a working partnership with us that is smoother, economically viable, and far more positive and productive than what they’ve experienced with many other companies.


We understand and know how imperative it is to locate existing services, especially during the initial planning and design phases of refurbishments and new constructions. Any construction or building site with detailed and precise plans which show exact locations of utility services ensures a reduction in costs and a safer working environment.

Our team offer the opportunity to go one step further for our clients and create a desktop-based assessment of the site based on the acquisition of plans from the necessary statutory bodies. This is before we even begin our own underground utility and measured surveys.

By aiding the quality of our services with this information, we have the opportunity to identify utilities and infrastructure which, otherwise, we may have been unable to locate. Such services, for example, may take the form of old and abandoned facilities that could cause potential problems in the long run for our clients.

Markets we provide our services and solutions for:

  • Residential
  • Health
  • Education
  • Heritage
  • Leisure & Tourism
  • Energy
  • Defence
  • Transport
  • Retail
  • International Surveying Coverage and more…

For more information on the range of services we provide in the architectural, planning, house building, and property sectors, please visit our services page.