Infrastructure & Highways

Infrastructure & Highways

We know that transport, utility, and public services create added pressures and unique demands on surveying requirements. At Castle Surveys we are experts in getting our clients the solutions they need, quickly and precisely.

Our professional team work closely with our clients, local authorities, government departments, construction/building developers, engineers, and architects, to name but a few. We provide them with detailed and highly accurate plans of existing infrastructure, road networks, and new and ongoing construction developments.

Castle Surveys: providing highly accurate and detailed plans for highways and infrastructure

The topographic land surveys and plans we provide encompass everything, from street furniture, kerb locations, utilities, services, and drainage, to overhead cables, the camber of the road, the topography of the area, and neighbouring buildings ridge, eave and footprints.

Our dedicated experts – utilising the latest technology and equipment – conduct topographic land and measured surveys, conduct 3D laser scanning, build BIM (Building Information Modelling) projects, and so much more. This enables us to offer an exceptional all-inclusive professional experience and a collaborative business partnership for all our clients.

We make a precise plan to carry out all necessary surveys of the site or highway to ensure there is minimal interference and disruption to the area, on-going works, and any public services being provided.

Highway surveys

Conducting highway surveys is an essential tool for architects, engineers, and transport planners, as they help them to understand and therefore design precise plans, visibility splays, and access entrances for new and existing highway infrastructure.

At Castle Surveys we know how seriously the sight and line of visibility is for all road users. Precise placing of visibility splays (an essential feature of a junction that allows road users on minor roads to see the users on major roads) ensures motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians can all see and be seen.

Our expertise in precise land surveying, and measured surveying solutions, technologies, and unsurpassed professional experience gives us the edge our clients need to bring their projects to fruition, on point and always with safety in mind.

Infrastructure surveys

We are highly experienced with working in challenging and difficult environments. By using the latest surveying equipment and intelligent geomatics technology, we are able to perform our services precisely and provide excellent data.

We have a team of experts who are dedicated to their fields. If a client’s project will cover a large area with varying terrains and obstacles, such as river crossings, forested areas, pipeline routes, or utilities and services, our professional surveyors have the knowledge and technology to create solutions and provide accurate data every time.

Experts in contemporary survey solutions

We ensure complete coverage of the site area (with as little disruption as possible) and can expertly create 3D topographic land surveys, 3D mesh’s and BIM models by collecting precise data for our clients to use. This is accomplished through the use of unmanned drones, the latest in Leica robotic solutions and GPS equipment, 3D laser scanning, and performing utility, building and land surveys.

If you would like more information regarding highways and infrastructure, or any of the solutions we provide, please visit our services page.