Your Essential Guide to Measured Building Surveys

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There are many different kinds of surveys available today, not just for construction and building professionals such as architects, engineers, planning consultants, government agencies, and utility providers, but also for domestic and commercial property owners. But while a domestic property owner can easily request a comprehensive building survey, professionals require something a bit different – something which can give them highly accurate and precise information about a building and its environs, which is where measured building surveys come in. If you are planning a building renovation or revamping project and would like to know the exact condition of a structure, you need to have a measured building survey. Here’s your essential guide to measured building surveys: what they can do for your building project.

The basics of measured building surveys

Measured building surveys are surveys which are known for their accuracy and detail when it comes to the assessment of a structure or building. It makes use of highly-advanced and state-of-the-art recording and measuring equipment, which include lasers, high-resolution cameras, GPS, and more, like the Leica DISTO™ laser measuring tools used by our expert building surveyors in Leicester. Through the use of such equipment, experts can create a detailed and highly-useful reference for a building which can help tremendously in any project.

Along with the measurements of the building or structure, a measured building survey can also create a record of the building’s support positions, such as beams and trusses, doors, windows, handrails, steps, fixed furnishings (such as cupboards and cabinets), coving, and skirting boards. Along with this, a measured building survey can also include measurements for the positioning of specific items such as power supplies, electrical cables, ventilation, air conditioning, and heating.

How a measured building survey can help you

A measured building survey is an investment as it allows you to find out the full details of a structure and knowing these details can help in your project’s efficiency. If you are renovating an old structure or building, for instance, a measured building survey can give you a more accurate record of the materials used in the old building, such as tiles or mouldings, so you can have a renovation which is more attuned to the building’s original look. And since the measurements are accurate, you can make sure that the materials you order are just the right quantity, so you can save on supplies which are not needed.

When you are planning to re-equip a structure or building, a measured building survey can help you know specific details, such as the location of current power supplies, which is a significant benefit when deciding whether to add or change electrical systems.

With an accurately measured building survey, you can rest assured that you can avoid mistakes and you can avoid costly rejections and redesigns. The detailed and precise references you can gather from a measured building survey help you efficiently plan for projects which consist of a lot of intricate details, such as rebuilds, revamps, renovations, adaptations, and re-equipping.

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