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What are verified views?

A high majority of architects, planners & developers will be well aware of architectural photo montages and computer-generated images (CGI) that show how the future scheme might look like.

Local authorities are increasingly requesting verified views and is an essential tool in the decision-making process during planning. It allows the planning authority to make an informed decision with visually accurate images in place of less reliable non verified CGI.

Other names for verified views can be:

  • Accurate Visual Representations (AVR)
  • Visually Verified Montages (VVM)
  • Certified Vies
  • Verified Images
  • Verified Photomontages

Below you can see an example of our work.

1. First the view needs to be agreed by the planning authority and survey points established to ensure a high level of accuracy. These observations are carried out by our experienced surveyors using the latest intelligent geomatic technology and survey equipment to provide the correct survey solution.

Verified View

2. These observations are then inputted into the relevant software for alignment and processing.

Verified View

Verified View

3. This then allows for the 3D BIM model to be overlaid onto the image.

Verified View

Verified View

4. Finally, you have the final image showing an accurate visual representation on the future project.

Verified View

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